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by Zsolt Kerekes, editor and publisher ACSL

My publication - the SPARC Product Directory- which was first published in 1992 in print form as the "SBus Product Directory" and renamed with its own SPARC trademark in 1996 when it transitioned to the web on - played a role in accelerating the growth of the SPARC (Scalable Processor ARChitecture) systems market in the 1990s by helping users, VARs and oems easily find compatible products and suppliers from hundreds of SPARC compatible oems.

What did customers say about it? - "The SPARC Product Directory is considered by many as the "Bible" for identifying SPARC-based systems and peripherals." - from comments and reviews of the printed editions.

During the time that the SPARC market was still heading towards its peak - in 1998 - I started publishing a platform independent guide called - which began as a small sister site but which within a handful of years had grown bigger than the SPD in readership and market significance.

There were plenty of other web publications which also covered the Sun / SPARC / Unix market in the 1990s from their own angles. I had friendly relations with those other publishers and I maintained a list of them to help defragment the market readers who were new to the SPARC market. You can see archived versions of that Sun SPARC market primary information sources list and their archived content here:- 1997 list, 1998 list, 2001 list.

My own coverage of the SPARC market had already trickled down to a miniscule level in 2009 (when Sun was acquired by Oracle.)

Meanwhile had become a thought leading resource in the SSD and memoryfication markets. You can get an idea of what was happening in SSD history.

Being the same age as the hard drive market I inevitably began having thoughts about retirement and I sold in December 2018.

In 2019 I will begin my retired state as scribbler at but I will be happy to consider writing a small number of articles about the SSD / memory / computer architecture markets on a pay per article basis - if the scope of the ideas and where they come from is attractive enough.
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from 1998 to 2018 - ACSL published
Here are some archived snapshots:-
"The SBus Product Directory... the most complete Guide to SPARC-based Systems and Add-in Products... Now a reference document in all U.S. sales offices of Sun Microsystems."
FlashBack 1385 (news) September 1995 - about the final edition of the SBus Product Directory before it was renamed "SPARC Product Directory".
SPARC Product Directory 1996 print edition

In 1996 the 5th annual edition of the SPARC Product Directory (shown above - with an ad by Antares Microsystems on the front cover) began life as a printed book - but by the middle of 1996 it also had a parallel life on the web. The web gave us access to a much larger readership - which peaked at hundreds of thousands of unique SPARC readers a year. That seemed huge to me at that time - but by 2000 it had been overtaken by our new OS agnostic guide - called

The picture below shows you the first page of the contents page from the same 1996 edition - with a facing ad by Force Computers.
SPD 1996 contents page

Below you can see a an example of the SPARC Product Directory's home page in about December 1998. In those days the web pages for optimised for the Netscape browser and very large screens. ("Optimised" well enough to attract over 40,000 unique readers / month at that time anyway.)
SPD home 1998 to 1999

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