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by Zsolt Kerekes, editor and publisher ACSL 1991 to 2017

My publication - the SPARC Product Directory played a role in accelerating the growth of the SPARC (Scalable Processor ARChitecture) systems market in the 1990s by helping users, VARs and oems easily find compatible products and suppliers from hundreds of SPARC compatible oems.

I'd like to thank everyone (including all the readers, contributors, vendors, customers and other Sun-SPARC-Solaris publishers and ORGs in the market - including thousands of key people inside Sun Microsystems itself) who helped make this independently funded publication possible during an exciting period in the computer market.

The torch for igniting momentous changes in data driven architectures has now moved on to the SSD market.

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Retiring and retiering enterprise DRAM was one of the big SSD ideas which took hold in the market in 2015. And over 20 companies have already announced products for this market such as Memory1, 3DXPoint, NVDIMM-X etc

But what are the underlying reasons that make it feasible for slow cheap memory to replace most of the future DRAM market?
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SPARC Product Directory 1996 print edition

In 1996 the 5th annual edition of the SPARC Product Directory (shown above - with an ad by Antares Microsystems on the front cover) began life as a printed book - but by the middle of 1996 it also had a parallel life on the web. The web gave us access to a much larger readership - which peaked at hundreds of thousands of unique SPARC readers a year. That seemed huge to me at that time - but by 2000 it had been overtaken by our new OS agnostic guide - called

The picture below shows you the first page of the contents page from the same 1996 edition - with a facing ad by Force Computers.
SPD 1996 contents page

Below you can see a an example of the SPARC Product Directory's home page in about December 1998. In those days the web pages for optimised for the Netscape browser and very large screens. ("Optimised" well enough to attract over 40,000 unique readers / month at that time anyway.)
SPD home 1998 to 1999

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